Rubberise Protective Coating

Need the best protection for your LCV, trailer, boat or almost any other asset? You have come to the right place. Spray-applied in a seamless finish, our lining forms an air – and watertight bond to virtually any surface. Also, as it is custom-sprayed it can be applied to any vehicle – in fact, almost anything.

Rhino Linings is approved by all major automotive manufacturers and provides all the protection you need.

What is Rhino Linings?

  • Rhino Linings is a spray-on polyurethane that is applied to your thickness requirements.
  • It offers your LCV bed (and other assets) the best protection against rust, abrasion, chemical attack and impact damage.
  • The spray-on bed liner system forms a permanent, air and watertight bond with virtually any surface including steel, fibreglass, concrete, wood and aluminium.
  • Providing a non-skid, flexible surface Rhino Linings reduces cargo slippage subsequently reducing damage to your vehicle and cargo.
  • Think of Rhino Linings as an extra skin for your vehicle that provides an additional barrier against wear-and-tear, increasing the life of your load bed and the resale value of your vehicle.

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